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Al Divino – Dump Gawd (Divino Edition)

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Name: Al Divino – Dump Gawd (Divino Edition)
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2017
Label: Self-Released
Featuring: Tha God Fahim, Mach-Hommy, Daniel Son, Ankhlejohn
Producers: Camoflauge Monk, Ohbliv, Thelonious Martin, Graymatter, Ewonee, Sadhugold, HNIC, DarkTwaine, Zoomo
Format: mp3 | VBR V0
Duration: 00:21:14
Size: 38 Mb
Description: Studio Album!
[01:21] 01. Intro (Prod. Camoflauge Monk)
[01:16] 02. Cement Shoes feat. Tha God Fahim (Prod. Thelonious Martin)
[02:16] 03. Benel Vinci Barrel (Prod. Graymatter)
[01:41] 04. 6600UV (Prod. Graymatter)
[02:45] 05. 52 Handblocks feat. Mach-Hommy (Prod. Ewonee)
[01:17] 06. Luchini Luciano (Prod. Sadhugold)
[02:16] 07. Kaws Sculptures In The Crib feat. Daniel Son (Prod. Sadhugold)
[02:13] 08. Ample Ammo feat. Ankhlejohn (Prod. HNIC)
[01:13] 09. Banco Central Burglary (Prod. DarkTwaine)
[02:38] 10. Peruvian Gold Rush/Skyboxes (Prod. Zoomo)
[02:14] 11. Tanto (Prod. Ohbliv)

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